Louis Smith’s Blog


My name is Louis Smith  and I have always been good with words. I started writing poems ever since I was young and continued all throughout my childhood. I understand the beauty of poetry and how it touches the soul. It is a beautiful means of self-expression. I draw inspiration from even the simplest things and am able to find the right combination of words to describe them beautifully.

Even at 25 and having published my first book, I still does not consider myself a great writer. I still aspire to improve my craft. Any hopeful writer can learn a lot from my experiences. In this blog, you can read about my humble beginnings and how I kept going amidst difficulties. It’s inspiring how one person is able to tell captivating stories that would last several lifetimes.

If you are interested to learn how to write, I also share some writing tips in this blog. These tips will help you start writing if you have no idea where to begin. I will encourage you to form a habit of writing every single day. This proves that writing is not only a gift, it is also a discipline.

The skills that you already have and the ideas that already formed in your mind are two important things to have. But you need more than that. You need creativity, motivation, and a lot of practice. I mentioned these steps to help you start forming a daily writing habit.

  • Choose your writing space. It can be in your quiet room, in the dining table, or couch. It will be your thinking space where inspiration happens.
  • Set a time every day. You need to set a consistent time to put your ideas to paper and you have to commit to it. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea of any sensible thing to write. You must first commit to a time and you will see that ideas will start pouring out.
  • Create a goal. May it be 100 words or 1000 words per day, every small victories count.

Do these over and over again until you have formed a habit of daily writing. You will be surprised by how the habit makes it easier for you to write. These are the same steps I took to be able to write effectively. Today,  I am  currently working on my second book with the hopes of inspiring more people.