You mentioned that your first book was published when you were 25. It`s not a question of What took you so long? but a question: do you regret or feel sad about the fact that you hadn`t published it earlier?

No way. Not a single minute do I place regrets. If I did it at the age of 20 or 22, it would have been a completely different book with a completely different story. I`m assured there are stages in our lives that make us better, that open up our hidden abilities and let us borrow and gain new skills. My book is exactly about getting yourself together, about mental and physical changes a young person undergoes. Don`t go by – read it and place your questions if to have some.

Should you be an expert to start writing? How did you become one?

First, you should, must, and have to LOVE what you do. If you don`t – what`s the point of participating in anything, right? During the second year of high school, I started feeling like literature was something more than a just Read-Write-Pass-the-Test thing for me. I`m thankful to my professor, who later became my mentor, for everything she has done to help me become a person I am now. I hope that one day I will provide the same help to a person.

I want to learn how to write. What should I start with? Where can I study the most important items and rules to consider?

Start with the writing class. If they don`t have it in your local school/college, try to find some near your campus/home. If not successful – apply for online programs. There are many various courses for both – beginners and pros. In a couple of months, you will get an understanding of whether it`s your thing or not. Good luck and let me know how it will go for you!