My Success Story

my story

I do not really consider myself as a successful writer because I believe that there are still a lot of room for improvement. I guess, having published my first book means I am already getting there. It was not a walk in the park, believe me. But for those aspiring writers out there, I can say, it is also not that difficult to make it as a published writer. I will share with you my experiences, struggles, and how I managed to get published.

Writing is my first love. It is my passion. I write every single day. I started writing poems at a young age. I guess my play with words and the ability to string coherent sentences together paid off when my classmates noticed my talent in writing.

That honed my writing skills even further. Next thing I know, I was writing short stories. When the time for college application came, I already know I want to pursue a career as a professional writer. It was an easy decision. The hardest part was choosing the right university or college that can help me reach my full potential. Eventually, I chose to take up creative writing at the New York University. I learned a whole lot in terms of writing style, technical skills, and creative writing.

However, I learned a lot more when I stepped out into the real world. I thought of getting a side gig where I can use everything that I have learned, and the perfect sideline would be an online writing job such as writing blogs, writing guest posts for other blogs, news and entertainment articles, and the likes. I realized, in this modern internet age, having the skills in writing can do wonders.

It involved a lot of research especially for topics that I do not consider as my niche. I learned a lot and I was able to share what I learned to a particular audience. I was also hot by criticisms. I was supposed to be used to it in school, but it hurt more when it comes to strangers who had different views and opinions, and probably those who know better than me.

It was tough, but it helped me grow as a writer. I was able to embrace criticisms, learned and understand my readers, paid attention to my choice of words and the tone of my writing, refined my writing style, broke some writing rules that were imposed on me in school, and practiced writing every single day and in every possible way. That is when I decided it was time to start working on another dream – to get published.

I wrote my first book in bits and pieces. I started with some ideas, wrote them in chapters, set a daily goal and a deadline for my work, have a trusted critic who is willing to read my work and give me early feedback. There were times that I was about to give up, but I kept going.

However, I prepared myself for failure. Even after finishing my work, I know not all people would like it, and that is okay. I am aware that successful writers are humiliated by their first book, no matter how perfect it seemed at the time. I understand that without the first try, I will never learn. It made me even more determined to keep writing until I get better.

I am deeply grateful to those who appreciated and liked my first work, and I promise the next ones will be better. The feeling of achieving something I never thought possible when I was young can be considered as a success. If you were once like me, learn from my experience and you will also get where you want to be.