This page contains our Privacy Policy and information regarding the use, distribution, and disclosure of all information we gather and those that are provided to us.

Types of Information

  • Personal Information – this refers to any personal information provided by our users such as name and email address.
  • Non-Personal Information – this refers to data we gather such as the IP address, location of the user, and browsing activities and settings.

How We Use this Information

We neither collect personal information from our readers nor use, distribute, and disclose any personal information to third parties. This information remains where they are – our inbox or comment section.

The only data we gather is the non-personal information defined above. This information is very useful to us because we are able to review how our users engage with the contents of our site. This allows us to provide more of the same contents that our users like and avoid the contents that do not add value to the site.

The Use of Cookies

We use cookies to ensure that you get the best browsing experience while on our site. You can either agree or disagree to the use of cookies through the settings.

Protection and Security of Information

We do the best we can to keep all information that we gather exclusive to us. There will be no other third-party sites that can access this information. However, other users may be able to see your name in the comment section if you ever left any comments on our page.

Third-party Sites and Affiliations

There are times that we partner with other third-party sites that have similar objectives as us. This is to give our users more of the content they love and other information that can be very useful.

Future Policy Changes

We reserve all the rights to make any changes regarding our privacy policy at any time we deemed necessary. Our users will be notified of such changes through a post on our website. You are also free to save this page for future reference and to keep yourself updated with any changes.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

Use of our site automatically means you agree to all our policies. If you need to raise any concern or if you have questions that are not already answered on this page, you can simply contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you find our site useful.